Why Membership Matters

Are you a Member yet?

Buying or renewing a Membership helps everyone. First it is supporting a Not-for-Profit Gay & Lesbian and Alternative lifestyle organization in Durham Region. A place where you can be yourself and not have to go all the way to another city. A place that supports many other organizations within the region and immediate surroundings, through its many fundraisers & activities. Organizations such as: Durham AIDS Committee, Durham Police, Food Bank, Denise House, Kid’s Help Phone, Pride Durham, PFlag Durham and the Durham Humane Society, to name a few.

Club 717 maintains some of the lowest bar prices in the Durham Region and Toronto area.

Membership Benefits:

  • Free year-round admission on Friday Nights and Select Special Events.
  • Any night there is a line up to get in, members go to the front of the line. (until capacity is reached)
  • Special entrance discount tickets for Special Events such as New Year Eve Celebrations.
  • Five Free guest passes
  • Five Free coat checks
  • Access to Members Only meetings
  • Members only voting privileges at Annual General Meetings
  • Only Members can run for a position on the Board of Directors

So, come on out, support what’s ours, we want to continue what has taken over 34 years to build.

Membership Fee is $50 per year. Renewals are $40 if purchased prior to January 31st

  • Click below to submit payment in non-refundable “Canadian” funds. Your membership kit and membership card will be held for pick up at the Club within 5 business days.
  • Membership questions can be forwarded to: membership@club717.ca

Step # 1 - Fill out Membership Form and hit submit

Step # 2 - Once you have filled out the membership form SCROLL down and you'll see the Payment Information.

** Note **


This is a two step process


Step 1 ).  Fill out Membership form on the left and hit submit.


Step 2).  After you have filled out the form. Click on the Pay Pal link below to submit payment.